Sympathetic Joy

“I’m so happy for you. Everything is going so well for you.” This is how we can feel when we learn of another’s success.


The term for this response to someone else’s happiness is called sympathetic joy. It is founded on the principle that love is expansive and everywhere. The more happiness and real joy you express for another person’s good fortune, the more happiness YOU genuinely feel.


Feeling tight and miserly with your response – thoughts like “why does she get all the breaks?” “he just sails through life” brings you nothing but a tightness in your chest, a clench in your jaw. While the object of your concern is carrying on, blissfully unaware of your pain and suffering. Why not share in this person’s happiness by feeling it as well?


Why not drop all jealousy and judgement and put a smile on your face and send kind, happy thoughts her way? You will benefit.  Joy (even in small, incremental doses) brings joy. You are tapping into the love that is available to you. Always.